The Power of Even a Drop of Critical Pedagogy

Ever since learning about Critical Pedagogy, I have done everything I could do put it into practice. Let me tell you… The results have been out of this world…

Three Enrollment Issues & How to Deal with Them

With school starting, we should already be thinking about how we can keep our students interested in our program & these are a few small ways to do it. Isn’t it interesting that very little of it has anything to do with music making? When it comes to music making, just keep it enjoyable!

THRIVE & Make more Music Makers!

I do think that the gender inequalitites and perceptions have been slowly changing in our country in the past few years. I see more and more male students on flute (an instrument that was once viewed as feminine) and more female students on tuba (once considered more masculine). We must transform these small steps into leaps toward greater continued participation in life-long music making.